Power Probe Accessory Kit

Power Probe Accessory Kit Part No: 129554
Features: This unique kit has been designed to be used with the ever popular 'Powerprobe' circuit testing devices.

Compatible with versions I, II and III

For those testers with the screw-in tip, simply unscrew the 'Powerprobe' tip and screw in the lead with the threaded contact. For those testers with a 4mm socket the plug to plug lead can be used. Both leads are made from high quality double insulated silicone cable

You are now able to use any one of the accessories supplied as standard.
These are:

121051 Back Probing Probe
121046 Cable Piercer
126009 Large Crocodile Clip
The 4mm plug on the extension leads is compatible with all of the other Automotive accessories manufactured by us.

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